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Welcome to the Taylor and Lisle Family Reunion Website.

The Edwin and Myrtie Taylor, and

Charles and Julia Lisle

Family Reunion Web Resource


Thanks for coming to the 2019 reunion!

If you have any photos please let us know so we can post them.


This site is now the consolidation of the old Taylor Family Reunion site (, The old Lisle Family Reunion site ( and the current Taylor / Lisle Family Reunion site (

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The Taylor / Lisle Family Reunion

Started in 1989 as the Taylor Family Reunion, this gathering is traditionally every 5 years. The family started with Edwin and Myrtie Taylor and has since grown to over 500 people.


Taylor / Lisle Reunion 2014

MomDadOne of the daughters of Edwin and Myrtie, Julia Geneva Taylor married Charles Laurence Lisle in January of 1920. They had 9 children, and these 9 people with their families are still keeping our reunion tradition going strong.

Our Family includes the Adams Family, Allen Family, Atkinson Family, Banderob Family, Barningham Family, Belisle Family, Bennett Family, Bianco Family, Brammer Family, Braun Family, Brechtel Family, Brickell Family, Brockhoff Family, Brown Family, Brozynski Family, Chambers Family, Chirigos Family, Clark Family, Cleveland Family, Cline Family, Coker Family, Cranford Family, Davis Family, Ferguson Family, Fish Family, Fleutsch Family, Foreman Family, Fritz Family, Gabel Family, Galloway Family, Gibson Family, Glenn Family, Godwin Family, Gonser Family, Goodrich Family, Haeberle Family, Hansen Family, Hardin Family, Harthcock Family, Hartmann Family, Hays Family, Healey Family, Heiner Family, Helm Family, Henderson Family, Heritage Family, Holter Family, Hopkins Family, Hurtt Family, Johns Family, Jones Family, Jr. Family, Lamb Family, Lillig Family, Lisle Family, Littlefield Family, Locke Family, Lorengo Family, Luchene Family, Marie Family, Masini Family, Matson Family, McClintic Family, McElwain Family, McElwain Family, McJunkin Family, McKay Family, McKee Family, Mosblech Family, Murphy Family, Nakashima Family, Nelson Family, Newman Family, Odegard Family, Ohlemacher Family, Owen Family, Patrick Family, Pemble Family, Pendragon Family, Peterson Family, Pilkinton Family, Poppinga Family, Purdum Family, Rathe Family, Ratterman Family, Roedel Family, Rowe Family, Rowley Family, Sams Family, Schulte Family, Searcy Family, Shaffer Family, Shattuck Family, Silva Family, Simpson Family, Slater Family, Smith Family, Sparks Family, Stuart Family, Swoboda Family, Tanner Family, Taylor Family, Thames Family, Thomas Family, Thorley Family, Umbarger Family, Varlas Family, Voorhees Family, Waller Family, Walton Family, Weary Family, Weber Family, Westhusin Family, Wilson Family, Worrick Family, Wright Family, and the Zepp Family.